Evan Michael and Son

Credit Jewelers

To all my valued customers,

Evan Michael and son dba was established in downtown Spokane in 1973 as a diamond broker and full service credit jeweler. We are presently located at 601 W Main Avenue, Chase Bank building, Skywalk level.


In the diamond industry there are over 100 qualities of sale-able stones (color, clarity, cut, ct., wt.,), The 4 C’s are essential in understanding when purchasing fine diamonds of your choice. Speak with an owner if possible rather than a sales person. Be wise when you buy.


Evan Michales has the knowledge, experience and credibility of 40 years in business to help and guide you toward the diamond of your choice. Being a diamond broker with substantial low overhead, we have the ability to undersell our competition by hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars, on loose diamonds and precious gems.


Evan Michael entertains a number one rating with the Jewelers Board of Trade. This defines our credibility in the industry. We can pursue and diamond or precious gem immediately to present to the customer at no commitment on your part. In most cases we will have the diamond of your choice in house. We enjoy serving customers!


Evan Michael has sold hundreds of loose diamonds and precious gems in 40 years of business. The diamonds are certified along with an appraisal of great magnitude for insurance purposes.


Evan Michael is a full service fine jeweler as well as diamond and precious gem broker. We specialize in custom design and repair of your fine jewelry and watches at low pricing. We stand behind our product with excellence, personal service and integrity. Our loose diamonds and precious gems are quality at substantial savings. I will personally help and guide you in pursuing the certified find diamond of your choice (color, clarity, cut, ct., wt.).


Evan Michael is truly grateful to have one of the premier gold smiths in the area. Michael Gwynn entertains 40 years of experience as a bench jeweler. Michael performs all custom design and repair for Evan Michael. He is truly a magnificent, state of the art, bench jeweler and simply the finest in the trade. Thank you Michael!


My name is Kim Contos. I grew up in Spokane, Washington. I was fortunate to play varsity football and baseball for North Central High School, my father’s alma-mater. I graduated in 1967. I reside in the same house my parents Aleck and Carmella built when I was 1 year old.


After graduating in 1967 I passed up a few Junior College football and baseball scholarships and joined the United States Marine Corps on the 7th of December 1967 (1st Marine Division – 3rd Tracs – Tanks/Armor). When I returned home from Westpac Ground Forces – Vietnam – I worked railroad for 1 year.


I opened Evan Michael and son dba Credit Jewelers, which I have owned and operated independently since 1973, in downtown Spokane. I was 23 years of age when I opened for business.


I look forward to serving you. We strongly suggest comparing prices for the same certified diamond quality of your choice (color, clarity, cut, ct., wt.).


I wish you all good health and prosperity.


Kim Contos

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